The Meaning Behind the Elements

I choose my materials carefully. Both for the beauty and the meaning. I gather and collect from materials that inspire me the most. We humans make meanings of things. This can be wonderful, as we can choose to wear what carries the most meaning for us, reminding us of our desires, our challenges, who and what we want for ourselves and the world.

Below is a list of the ever-changing materials that I work with, shapes I create and what meanings and symbology is attached to them:

Pine Needles ~ Pine trees are a symbol of peace. They stand so still, majestic, silent, teaching us patience and wisdom.

Oak Branches ~ The mighty oak. One of my favorite trees. Strength, strength, strength. I use the budding branches often as they represent the hops and growth of this strength in all of us.

Moon ~ Feminine, mystical, magical energy. Honor the cycles of your life. Shine light on the dark side of yourself and honor it.

Sun ~ The sun is a male energy, symbolizing growth and life force. Think of how turning to face the sun brings you warmth. That is amazing energy. Without the sun, we would not be here.

Stars ~ Hope. Imagination. Possibility. Wish upon a star and anything is possible! Five pointed stars symbolize earth, air, water, fire and spirit.

Mushrooms ~ We are finding that mushrooms are so important to our ecosystem. We are learning about how they work more each day. Just so wonderful. They are truly important members of the forest floor.

River Stones ~ Water flowing over us, shaping us. Just a little at a time. Softening us. Smoothing out our rough edges. Patience.

Amethyst ~ Healing. Calmness. These gems can help you bring balance back into your life.

Citrine ~ Energy. Courage. Action. This stone can help motivate you and get things clearly done. Be strong!

Clear Quartz ~ Clear your mind. Let go of negativity. Clear quartz is the master healer…

Smoky Quartz ~ Think of sitting in front of the hearth. A bit of smokiness. Smoky quartz is of the connection to earth. Use it for grounding, relaxing and feeling secure and stable.

Arrowheads ~ Protection and security. Arrowheads were used as tools for hunting, therefore ensuring food for survival. You have that power and strength.

Roots ~ Anchor and grounding. Roots go deep into the earth, holding us secure as the winds buffet about. They help us hold our ground, not me swayed or led astray. Roots connect us to the inner workings of the planet.

Labradorite ~ When they say to imagine a white light around you, so you have a barrier to negativity, a labradorite will do the same. Think of it as a shield. Keeping the bad energy away from you.

Peridot ~ The beautiful, sunny light of the peridot can help keep darkness at bay. It is a very joyful, bright stone.

Triple Moon ~ Maiden, Mother, Crone. Our walk through life. The triple moon is a very feminine symbol, speaking to us of intuition and wisdom.

Goddesses ~ Our feminine power. Our connection to the deep and long mysteries of being. Primitive knowledge. A feminine connection to the divine. We are divine.

Skulls ~ Our ancestors. The past. What once was, we bring forward into the present and the future with us. Skulls speak of the cycle of time. All things are born, live, and then are returned to the earth.

Flowers ~ Pretty, pretty flowers. Flowers are about joy, the most colorful part of life. What we all strive for on this earth: to grow and add beauty to this world.

Pentacles ~ Calling forth all four elements: earth, air, fire, water in service to the spirit of the world.

Spirals ~ Our journey is never a straight line. It is a spiral. We can spiral up, or spiral down. It is your choice. We expand our consciousness into the universe, spiraling outward to connection with source.

Cairn ~ What landmark do you need to guide you on your way? Cairns are there to show us the way, guide us, keep us on our path.

Dolmen ~ A dolmen is a stone held up by others to protect a tomb. It is protection from the elements. Creating a safe space.