My name is Vaike Alexandra. I am a sculptor turned jewelry artist. I believe we all deserve something beautiful in our lives.

We are all goddesses here. Whether from the city or the ocean or the village or the desert. Whether from the small town or the mountain. I am here to create something beautiful for you. Create something from travels, from adventures. And have it be something that inspires you. Empowers you.  Alights you.

I travel.

I am nomadic. I gather things along the way. Gems, leaves, stories, adventures. I create as I travel, and each piece is inspired by my location, my learning, my reading, or just my personal vision at that moment. I am both light and dark, and so my jewelry reflects the same. Whimsy, beauty, passion or deep magic. As creativity evolves, so does my work. You are a part of this adventure as well. Serendipitously I know I will create the right adornment for you at the right time.

Remember: talk to the mountains, they will give you the answers…