Spring Has Sprung. Time to Make Jewelry. Or Art. Or Life.

The trees know. The flowers know. The birds know. They all know, even before we do. It is time. It is time for renewal. It is time to awaken. It is time to breathe in deeply and let it all out. Arise. And shine.

The energy in the air changes, and we change with it. How wonderful. We made it through the dark and we are so, so ready for the light. One of the most marvelous things about being a human, is that we are a part of nature. When nature awakens, our creativity, our inspiration, our joy automatically awakens with it. It is a perfect time to create. If you are an artist, a musician, or simply an architect of your own life, now is the time. Check in and see what inspiration is growing inside you. What do you want to manifest into reality? Now is the time to do so.

For me, I am absolutely inspired to make new designs. I am bringing in pink and green tourmalines into my necklaces because they make me think of Easter, Ostara. Pretty pink blossoms and vibrant new budding leaves.

What is inspiring to you right now? What is calling you? If you are not an artist, go ahead and paint. If you are not a baker, go ahead and make a pie. If you are not a gardener, go ahead and plant a seed. If you are not a storyteller, go ahead and tell a story. Spring is the time to grow, the time to sow your desires. If you are unsure, go outside. Sit with nature and listen. She will tell you what you are called to create.

And now I go back into the studio to play with pink rose quartz. The stone of love…

With love,