How to Talk to Trees

Talking to Trees

They are patient. They are strong. They stand bravely through all adversity. They fall without making a sound. Trees. They have so much to give you. Trees will support you. Trees will advise you. Trees will guide you. And, yes, trees will laugh at you for your little human worries.

One of the first ways ‘in’ to talking to a tree is to give it a hug.

I find great comfort in hugging a tree. Quietly. You need to be very still, so you can feel the energy hugging you back. You have to get out of your head and into your body to feel a tree. There are so many different entrances into ourselves. All of the senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, smell. And yet we allow our minds to overrun these senses with words, analysis, judgement, self consciousness. We need to let all that go and just start with feeling. You can start with the movement of the leaves and branches. Feel that resonate through to the trunk you have your arms around. Then feel the capillary action of the tree. Feel it against your chest. While they stand still and strong, trees are constantly in movement. Slowly you will understand the tree being alive not just through rationality and words, but through all the senses.

Then you are connected. Well done.

Take on a practice of touching a tree every day. If not with your arms, at least with one of your senses. You will quickly build a connection and understanding with them on the physical level.

And now you can say hello. Don’t take, just give. Don’t expect an answer, just give them acknowledgement. It is ok for it to be a one way conversation, as a matter of fact, it is a good thing to give without expecting anything in return. The world will appreciate that gesture. Once you ‘see’ them well enough to say hello to them, then you can start to listen to what they have to say.

‘Good morning, how are you today?’ is always a nice beginning. Just ask and then quiet your mind. The words will not come from, well, words. Their answer will arise in some other place within you. A deeper, core place. Your true ‘knowing’. The answer will well up inside you. Maybe like how your heart bounds to music. How your skin embraces the sun. Maybe the answer will come through your nose and your nostrils will expand with joy. I can’t wait for you to ‘hear’ it. The you that you know yourself to be will expand beyond the skin you are in. You will become greater than yourself. As if your cells get wider and wider apart, with more space in between, and start to combine with your surroundings. Being one with a tree is a step closer to being at one with the universe.

Your communication will only grow from there. You will see trees as part of your consciousness. You will be able to go to them for advice, for knowledge, for comfort, for answers. Their thoughts are slower, deeper, wiser than ours. They hold acceptance, love, and peace within. Ask and listen. They will tell you.

And here you are…Talking to trees…


Love to you,