Nature is a Gift.

Moss Nature Jewelry

We have become so used to tunnel vision. To getting to our destination. Because we are in a rush. Because we are late. Because we think that is what is most important. But think of all the things we miss. That one tree you drive by every day has started to change color. That sparrow has been perched outside your door to greet you for a whole week now. The drops of rain hanging on the remaining leaves reflect tiny wolds in them. Ready to drop, drop, drop.

My jewelry is about seeing the power in all the little details. Nature is all around us, waiting for us to see her. She is magic. She is power. And every little detail of hers is important. She is everything. For without her, what would we have? Absolutely nothing.

My job is to ‘see’ her. To notice all her little details. Find the magic and help remind people of that magic. I am so fortunate and honored in this. But we can all connect with our earth each and every day.

How can YOU better see the world? How can you slow down and smell the wet and wonderful morning air? How can you create a life that is less rushed, that has time in it to really notice and honor the world around you? What might be one thing you can let go of in your life and add that tree, that raindrop, that sparrow?

Start by simple intent. Being present. Breathing in. Opening your eyes and seeing everything as if you have never seen it before. How much more wonderful would each day be. More connection. More time. More love. More presence. Nature gives us this gift. Every day. She reminds us to slow it down. here and now is what is most important. She is an amazing guide to an amazing life. All for you…


Lots of love,