Reduce, Recycle, and Renew

Nothing is perfect. We do the best we can. Reducing our consumption is so very important. Yes, fewer straws, fewer plastic bags, fewer everything. And it can feel so hard, feel so fruitless. We feel the need to see it in black and white, all or nothing. But 10% reduction is better than none. 20%, even better. 30%, that is heading towards awesomeness! So, keep on going. Keep doing your best. You got this

I had guilt over making ‘things’. I honestly was pretty hard on myself because of it. But we can’t be at 100%. And so I accepted doing my best. Yes, some of my elements are new. The chains, the jump rings, some of the findings. But I also embrace ways of rescuing old parts and pieces. Giving them new life. It sits well with me. It sits well with what magic I find on the forest floor. I am not 100%. but every day I try. And I bring that to my jewelry. A percentage of nature, a percentage of recycled, a percentage of new. And I bring that philosophy to all aspects of my life. A balance. Baby steps. Every day I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint even more, to live in harmony with nature, to be as gentle as I can with it. Even as I ‘make stuff.’

I like that I can help people consume less while shopping. I like that I can create from nature and recycling. I don’t like that everything isn’t 100% recycled or from nature. But then I remember that every step in the right direction counts.

I will always be walking in that direction. I promise…