We Are the Tree of Life

Branches. Growth. Life. The tree of life. It just keeps growing, this tree. Each branch is on of the many stories of our lives. Each bud, each leaf, a new hope, a new try, a new direction. All leading to the sun. All leading to new possibility. All the angles, all the broken branches, all the crooks and crannies. They are supposed to be there. For that is what shapes us. That is what creates us as us. We fight those hard times. We struggle through them. And that’s what writes our story. And that is what is beautiful.

There is something personal about each tiny branch. And I think that is why I am so drawn to them. They are not perfectly even, not perfectly symmetrical, but that is exactly what makes them special. What makes you special. Remembering who you are. And find acceptance in each twist, each turn, each angle.

When I collect these branches, each one speaks to me, each one tells me who they are. And I remember how each part makes the whole. There is always growth. There is always possibility. I want to share that with you. I want you to feel that. Never forget that.

You are beauty itself. Angles and all.

I hope my work will help you remember that…


With love,