What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

Why do you wear jewelry? There are so many wonderful reasons!

To look pretty or beautiful, of course. But there are other reasons. We can feel empowered when we add adornment. We can make a statement with those adornments that we choose. I created this jewelry for a multiple of reasons, all about bringing many uses together. More and more we are wearing jewelry that makes a statement. And right now there is much to be said about our planet and the health of it and all the amazing animals, plants, and, yes even us.

I created my jewelry to you can show your connection to what is nature, to what is wild, to what is free. It is not for everyone. No. This jewelry is for the strong women. The powerful women. The women that feel, in their bones, the pull of the universe. You know you are a part of it all. There is no duality. There is just one. And we are it…

And you can buy with the knowledge that one tree gets planted for every purchase!