Jewelry Making Process

The process I use to create these amazing pieces of jewelry is called electroforming. It takes quite a while to create each electroformed piece. The process depends on the weather (literally) and many other factors that all have to align for the jewelry to come out successfully.

I start by gathering. I gather branches, buds, stones, recycled shapes and forms. Then I start laying out a design that I am pleased with. After that I solidify the design into a solid form. The form gets cleaned up, sealed, covered in few layers of conductive paint and is allowed to dry.

The next step is to place it in the bath with the proper balance of copper sulfate and sulfuric acid. I select the right anode to balance out the form, which is the cathode and then I attach the electrodes.

For the next 3 to 4 days I sit with the jewelry as it slowly builds up copper, adjusting the amps as needed to make sure the jewelry is forming correctly. A few variables I need to watch is for temp, amps, location in the bath, attachment to cathode, speed, and the many ‘mystery’ adjustments.

When the piece is finally ready to come out of the bath, I start the finish work which includes brushing, sanding, patina, tumbling, cleaning and sealing. At this part of the process I like to focus on what I want to highlight, and where I want a darker finish.

Finally I choose which chain, cord, or ribbon looks best, attach it, and it is a finished piece of artwork in the form of beautiful jewelry!