Spring Has Sprung. Time to Make Jewelry. Or Art. Or Life.

The trees know. The flowers know. The birds know. They all know, even before we do. It is time. It is time for renewal. It is time to awaken. It is time to breathe in deeply and let it all out. Arise. And shine.

The energy in the air changes, and we change with it. How wonderful. We made it through the dark and we are so, so ready for the light. One of the most marvelous things about being a human, is that we are a part of nature. When nature awakens, our creativity, our inspiration, our joy automatically awakens with it. It is a perfect time to create. If you are an artist, a musician, or simply an architect of your own life, now is the time. Check in and see what inspiration is growing inside you. What do you want to manifest into reality? Now is the time to do so.

For me, I am absolutely inspired to make new designs. I am bringing in pink and green tourmalines into my necklaces because they make me think of Easter, Ostara. Pretty pink blossoms and vibrant new budding leaves.

What is inspiring to you right now? What is calling you? If you are not an artist, go ahead and paint. If you are not a baker, go ahead and make a pie. If you are not a gardener, go ahead and plant a seed. If you are not a storyteller, go ahead and tell a story. Spring is the time to grow, the time to sow your desires. If you are unsure, go outside. Sit with nature and listen. She will tell you what you are called to create.

And now I go back into the studio to play with pink rose quartz. The stone of love…

With love,


Remember the Sun-Jewelry Inspiration

Sun Spring Jewelry Inspiration

Winter snow. Winter rain. They come. They bring the moisture our earth needs. They water ever tree, flower, stone. Flora and fauna. They feed the rivers. They pack the mountains. They water the bare open spaces that so desperately need it.

We get cozy and warm inside. We hunker down. We light candles and make hot tea and pile on our blankets. We layer our clothes and twitch when a drop of cold rain still finds its way between our jackets and the back of our necks. Rain and snow are needed, are a blessing, and we are grateful. Mostly…

Towards the end of winter greater storms arise. The last hurrah of rain, of snow. Of dark and cold. And we are done. We are ready for the sun. The warm, light, soft touch of sunshine on our faces. We are so ready. To peel the layers. To strip off the blankets and give them a good wash. To feel the freedom of a big, blue sky.

And I tell you: Remember. Remember the sun. It is right there. Hiding behind the clouds, the rain, the snow. The sun is waiting to greet us. To find us cold and shivering and warm us up. We just need a little more patience. Warmth is on the verge. Birth takes time. We need to fill up on the sustenance that the wet weather brings us. We make it through this and then will feel that joyous wonderful reward of spring. It is almost here. We just need to hold on a bit longer…

Myself, I am creating jewelry that will burst forth in the spring. I am working with gems and stones that will reflect the joy of the sun. I play with amethyst and citrine. I use the excess energy that builds up from being housebound to create new necklace designs. Rings. And wait for the inspiration for bracelets (soon!) I remember the sun and let it come through the work that I do . As I shape and form, I keep thinking of the sun. And I can’t wait to show them to you and for you to wear my jewelry while reflecting the sunshine!


With love,


How to Talk to Trees

Talking to Trees

They are patient. They are strong. They stand bravely through all adversity. They fall without making a sound. Trees. They have so much to give you. Trees will support you. Trees will advise you. Trees will guide you. And, yes, trees will laugh at you for your little human worries.

One of the first ways ‘in’ to talking to a tree is to give it a hug.

I find great comfort in hugging a tree. Quietly. You need to be very still, so you can feel the energy hugging you back. You have to get out of your head and into your body to feel a tree. There are so many different entrances into ourselves. All of the senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, smell. And yet we allow our minds to overrun these senses with words, analysis, judgement, self consciousness. We need to let all that go and just start with feeling. You can start with the movement of the leaves and branches. Feel that resonate through to the trunk you have your arms around. Then feel the capillary action of the tree. Feel it against your chest. While they stand still and strong, trees are constantly in movement. Slowly you will understand the tree being alive not just through rationality and words, but through all the senses.

Then you are connected. Well done.

Take on a practice of touching a tree every day. If not with your arms, at least with one of your senses. You will quickly build a connection and understanding with them on the physical level.

And now you can say hello. Don’t take, just give. Don’t expect an answer, just give them acknowledgement. It is ok for it to be a one way conversation, as a matter of fact, it is a good thing to give without expecting anything in return. The world will appreciate that gesture. Once you ‘see’ them well enough to say hello to them, then you can start to listen to what they have to say.

‘Good morning, how are you today?’ is always a nice beginning. Just ask and then quiet your mind. The words will not come from, well, words. Their answer will arise in some other place within you. A deeper, core place. Your true ‘knowing’. The answer will well up inside you. Maybe like how your heart bounds to music. How your skin embraces the sun. Maybe the answer will come through your nose and your nostrils will expand with joy. I can’t wait for you to ‘hear’ it. The you that you know yourself to be will expand beyond the skin you are in. You will become greater than yourself. As if your cells get wider and wider apart, with more space in between, and start to combine with your surroundings. Being one with a tree is a step closer to being at one with the universe.

Your communication will only grow from there. You will see trees as part of your consciousness. You will be able to go to them for advice, for knowledge, for comfort, for answers. Their thoughts are slower, deeper, wiser than ours. They hold acceptance, love, and peace within. Ask and listen. They will tell you.

And here you are…Talking to trees…


Love to you,


Nature is a Gift.

Moss Nature Jewelry

We have become so used to tunnel vision. To getting to our destination. Because we are in a rush. Because we are late. Because we think that is what is most important. But think of all the things we miss. That one tree you drive by every day has started to change color. That sparrow has been perched outside your door to greet you for a whole week now. The drops of rain hanging on the remaining leaves reflect tiny wolds in them. Ready to drop, drop, drop.

My jewelry is about seeing the power in all the little details. Nature is all around us, waiting for us to see her. She is magic. She is power. And every little detail of hers is important. She is everything. For without her, what would we have? Absolutely nothing.

My job is to ‘see’ her. To notice all her little details. Find the magic and help remind people of that magic. I am so fortunate and honored in this. But we can all connect with our earth each and every day.

How can YOU better see the world? How can you slow down and smell the wet and wonderful morning air? How can you create a life that is less rushed, that has time in it to really notice and honor the world around you? What might be one thing you can let go of in your life and add that tree, that raindrop, that sparrow?

Start by simple intent. Being present. Breathing in. Opening your eyes and seeing everything as if you have never seen it before. How much more wonderful would each day be. More connection. More time. More love. More presence. Nature gives us this gift. Every day. She reminds us to slow it down. here and now is what is most important. She is an amazing guide to an amazing life. All for you…


Lots of love,


Reduce, Recycle, and Renew

Nothing is perfect. We do the best we can. Reducing our consumption is so very important. Yes, fewer straws, fewer plastic bags, fewer everything. And it can feel so hard, feel so fruitless. We feel the need to see it in black and white, all or nothing. But 10% reduction is better than none. 20%, even better. 30%, that is heading towards awesomeness! So, keep on going. Keep doing your best. You got this

I had guilt over making ‘things’. I honestly was pretty hard on myself because of it. But we can’t be at 100%. And so I accepted doing my best. Yes, some of my elements are new. The chains, the jump rings, some of the findings. But I also embrace ways of rescuing old parts and pieces. Giving them new life. It sits well with me. It sits well with what magic I find on the forest floor. I am not 100%. but every day I try. And I bring that to my jewelry. A percentage of nature, a percentage of recycled, a percentage of new. And I bring that philosophy to all aspects of my life. A balance. Baby steps. Every day I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint even more, to live in harmony with nature, to be as gentle as I can with it. Even as I ‘make stuff.’

I like that I can help people consume less while shopping. I like that I can create from nature and recycling. I don’t like that everything isn’t 100% recycled or from nature. But then I remember that every step in the right direction counts.

I will always be walking in that direction. I promise…




We Are the Tree of Life

Branches. Growth. Life. The tree of life. It just keeps growing, this tree. Each branch is on of the many stories of our lives. Each bud, each leaf, a new hope, a new try, a new direction. All leading to the sun. All leading to new possibility. All the angles, all the broken branches, all the crooks and crannies. They are supposed to be there. For that is what shapes us. That is what creates us as us. We fight those hard times. We struggle through them. And that’s what writes our story. And that is what is beautiful.

There is something personal about each tiny branch. And I think that is why I am so drawn to them. They are not perfectly even, not perfectly symmetrical, but that is exactly what makes them special. What makes you special. Remembering who you are. And find acceptance in each twist, each turn, each angle.

When I collect these branches, each one speaks to me, each one tells me who they are. And I remember how each part makes the whole. There is always growth. There is always possibility. I want to share that with you. I want you to feel that. Never forget that.

You are beauty itself. Angles and all.

I hope my work will help you remember that…


With love,


Welcome Upon the Forest Floor

Welcome to Upon The Forest Floor. Here is my place of creation to share with you. Living on this planet and being human pretty interesting combination. We forget nature. We forget what’s important. As I create  each day, I tried to stay continually present to who we are on this planet, well not forgetting who we are as powerful humans. Each of us has a story, each of us is here for a reason. The jewelry I make tries to tap into that reason. What makes you feel strong, what makes you feel powerful, what makes you feel beautiful? What piece of jewelry becomes a talisman for you? What will give you strength on your adventure? Please feel free to explore all of my creations, there will be more coming every week.


Thank you and be well,