Remember the Sun-Jewelry Inspiration

Sun Spring Jewelry Inspiration

Winter snow. Winter rain. They come. They bring the moisture our earth needs. They water ever tree, flower, stone. Flora and fauna. They feed the rivers. They pack the mountains. They water the bare open spaces that so desperately need it.

We get cozy and warm inside. We hunker down. We light candles and make hot tea and pile on our blankets. We layer our clothes and twitch when a drop of cold rain still finds its way between our jackets and the back of our necks. Rain and snow are needed, are a blessing, and we are grateful. Mostly…

Towards the end of winter greater storms arise. The last hurrah of rain, of snow. Of dark and cold. And we are done. We are ready for the sun. The warm, light, soft touch of sunshine on our faces. We are so ready. To peel the layers. To strip off the blankets and give them a good wash. To feel the freedom of a big, blue sky.

And I tell you: Remember. Remember the sun. It is right there. Hiding behind the clouds, the rain, the snow. The sun is waiting to greet us. To find us cold and shivering and warm us up. We just need a little more patience. Warmth is on the verge. Birth takes time. We need to fill up on the sustenance that the wet weather brings us. We make it through this and then will feel that joyous wonderful reward of spring. It is almost here. We just need to hold on a bit longer…

Myself, I am creating jewelry that will burst forth in the spring. I am working with gems and stones that will reflect the joy of the sun. I play with amethyst and citrine. I use the excess energy that builds up from being housebound to create new necklace designs. Rings. And wait for the inspiration for bracelets (soon!) I remember the sun and let it come through the work that I do . As I shape and form, I keep thinking of the sun. And I can’t wait to show them to you and for you to wear my jewelry while reflecting the sunshine!


With love,